SRB2Kart Dedicated Server Hosting – Part 4

This one is pretty easy all you have to do is buy a domain from a registrar and create an A record for your server.

The process is similar between all of them. My preferred registrar is they offer good prices for the domains I buy. Whoever you choose to buy from doesn’t really matter from just make sure it’s not godaddy they’re the worst.

To create an A record it’s pretty simple. The one I use for looks like this:

Leave the host or subdomain blank to point to your ip address and you’re done.

Note that on some registrars like porkbun they create a default record that points to their servers. Just make sure you modify that one or delete it and create a new one.

If buying a domain is too much I’m offering anyone reading this a chance to get a * subdomain free of charge.

Want or Just PM me on discord (ヒーミー#1031) with the subdomain you want and your server ip address and I’ll set it up for you. It usually takes like a minute to create so you won’t have to wait long.

Happy karting!

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