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Current Version: v0.5 [Augmented-Burst-Storage System]
by Angular

This page is also a work-in-progress – mind the work zone for a while.

Download it here.

[The message board is the current v0.4 stable release, not v1.]

What is this?
Acrobatics allows for absurd aerial antics in SRB2Kart – Charge a spin in midair, and land to get cool and nice bonuses! There are 3 styles to suit different playstyles.

[general gif of bing bappin around]

How to Trick – Race

Press and HOLD the [TRICK] button (BRAKE by default) to start a trick in midair!
You need to be ascending to start one in a Race.

[gif of meter starting]

Build the meter by holding down [TRICK]. Aim for the little purple for best results! If you overshoot, release the [TRICK] button.

[gif of wiggling meter bar]

Don’t have the [TRICK] button held when you hit the ground! Tony Hawk’s watching you.

[gif of trickfail 1]

Don’t OVERCHARGE [be in the red]! You’ll do a micro- mini-spinout [Depending on severity].

[gif of trickfail 2]


[gif of zippin, maybe 2]

  • BURST — Release your charge for a huge boost forward!
    • You can zipboost – Release a stored drift after landing to barrel forward aggressively. You’ll charge forward in the direction of your released boost.
    • Chainable – Extend the length of your boost by doing successive jumps!
    • There is a period of adjustment using zip boosts – the control is something that can throw racers off for those that aren’t accustomed to it.

[gif of store boost, gif of store after getting BOMBED]

  • STORE — Your charge will be stored in a gauge. Press ITEM without an item to use the gauge and boost forward like a miniature sneaker.
    • Microboosts can be used any time you don’t have an item on you.
    • Persists even in death.
    • No landing boost bonus.
    • If the meter is maxed out, no further tricks will give you additional boost. Use it or lose it!
    • Weak in comparison to the other 2.

[gif of augment gain, gif of bonking]

  • AUGMENT — Your charge will be converted to an overall boost in base boost! This has a small effect on your base top speed, but has a multiplier effect on any boosts you get – it’s a very subtle but powerful additive.
    • This speed stacks multiplicative in everything you do – boosts, sneakers, growth, etc.
    • A fully augmented speed 1 can edge out a speed 9!
    • This bonus can be lost, little by little, by bonking into walls, getting spun-out, dying, or driving too slow for too long. Keep up the pace!
    • Augment decay can be prevented by doing more tricks.

How to Trick – Battle

Tap the TRICK button ANYTIME in midair to do a mini-double jump! This double jump gives you a little mobility in the air as well!

[gif of hop]

Tap it AGAIN afterwards to perform a STOMP – You’ll rocket to the ground and zero in on foes.

[gif of stomp]

  • The stomp creates a shockwave that’ll push opponents away! Use it to shove people into pits, or clear a landing zone for the perfect shot!
  • You can stomp through explosions! Adds new meaning to the term divebombing.
  • Once you start stomping, there’s no stopping! Hope you aimed well.
  • You’ll be vulnerable for a split second after landing from a STOMP.


  • PLAYER SIDE – Mechanical
    • ac_trickstyle [text or 0-2] alises: trickstyle, changetrick, trick, trickchange, ts
      n.b. This does not have any effect in Battle Mode, which forces the STOMP style.
      n.b. A server may force a trickstyle upon everyone, preventing a player from changing their style.
    • ac_trickbtn [BRAKE/CUSTOM]* aliases: changetrickbutton, trickbutton trickbtn
      • Allows the trick button to be mapped to BRAKE or CUSTOM1.
      • This command will not work with certain other mods that use CUSTOM1/2/3 as essentials. Tricks will default to BRAKE in this instance.
  • PLAYER SIDE – HUD Customization: Acrobatics allows the user to tweak the UI to their liking.
    • ac_trickreminder [on/off]
      • Toggles the trick reminder locally. If it’s on, it’ll remind you every two races.
    • ac_textalignment [centered/left]
      • The flavor text [“OK…”, “NICE!”, etc.] shows up either in the middle, or on the left side like in earlier versions. No guarantee of compatibility with overlap with other mods.
    • ac_meterstyle [0-4, or type in the styles below]
      • 0 – Disabled – No meter, all screen.
      • 1 – Minimal – Thin as a stick.
      • 2 – Simple – For a cleaner looking colorbar.
      • 3 – Default – Out of the box look.
      • 4 – Alternative – Thicker shades, thicker style.
    • ac_barsnap [yes/no]
      • STORE’S bar will snap towards the left side of the screen if there’s no item – otherwise, it’ll stay where it is at all times, regardless of item presence.
    • ac_augshow [potential/raw]
      • Toggles AUGMENT’S display – displays either POTENTIAL [total out of 100%, not a true 100%] or RAW [the actual percentage of an augmented bonus].
  • SERVER SIDE [you’ll need admin commands to change these]
    • ac_forcetrick [freestyle/burst/store/augment] or [-1, 0, 1, 2]
      • Forces everyone on a server to a homogeneous trick style.
    • ac_acrohell [forced/disabled/hellmap] [-1, 0, 1]
      • Toggles daredevil mode – forced forces it on ALL maps, off removes it completely, hellmap means only hellmaps will experience this.
      • This function will NOT work if [ac_forcetrick] is on – this is an intentional safeguard.

Changelog can be found here.


Afrorule/Pepperdork for the ghost effect code and the original “Tricks” mod, which Acrobatics was originally written on top of.

Ashnal and Callmore for assistance/wisdom and some small snippets of code.
The numerous people who play tested this weird mod and gave feedback – it all helps in some way.


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  1. Mega says:

    So, I have the mod installed and tricks works but when I try to use the commands to change the settings, It won’t recognize the command and just says “Unknown command”

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